Maqbool has been a resident of Mississauga for the past 40 years. His life over past several years has been focused on his family, work and community volunteer activities. He also owns a successful automotive products distribution business located in Mississauga. Over the past several years, Maqbool has been involved in inter faith, community and social development programs across the city. Living in Mississauga for the last 40 years, Maqbool is well aware of the challenges residents and businesses face in Ward 7. As a Councilor, he will address these issues and make Ward 7 a great place to live, work and play! .

Please vote for Maqbool Waljil and give him a chance to serve you as your new councilor after Oct. 22, 2018.

Advocate for:
  • Affordable Housing
  • Public Transportation
  • Employment
  • Seniors
  • Education
  • New Immigrants / Refugees
  • Youth

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Reduce City Hall Red Tape
  • Public Safety
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Councillor Discretionary Funds
  • Community Revitalization
  • Ward Crime Prevention Awareness
  • Compared to rest of Mississauga, households in ward 7 have a much lower average income
  • Highest crime rate
  • Highest unemployment rate

Vote at any of the following locations in Ward 7 on Election Day,

October 22, 2018
10am - 8pm.


Personal Statement

Dear Neighbors!

I am Maqbool Walji, your candidate for Ward 7 Councilor in Mississauga's 2018 municipal election. Over 40 years ago, I was welcomed by the loving residents of Cooksville Village. I grew up in this neighbourhood, I completed my middle school years in Ward 7, and am a proud a graduate from T.L Secondary School!

Shortly after graduating from high school I went on to complete my post-secondary education. After working in number of private companies, I started my business in 2002.

I consider myself to be a family man, a community man, an entrepreneur and most of all a person that you can count on. As an refugee from Uganda, and as part of an immigrant family, I faced challenges similar to other newcomers. With those challenges, came the understanding of how important my family and community were to me. Mississauga was always a place of acceptance and diversity and I wanted to extend my community and give back at the councillor level.

As your Councillor I will be hands on and involved with the ward. I hope to be connected to the local neighbourhood and be available for any issues that need to be addressed.

I am a person of integrity and values. I feel a public servant is a representative of good values appointed by the people and should serve the residents. I have seen Mississauga change from being farmlands to one of the largest cities in our country.

With growth, I recognize the city faces many challenges and hurdles, including a lack of adequate public transportation, affordable housing, schools, congestion, crime, taxes and cuts in services. My aim is to address these challenges and help create sustainable and liveable communities.

I am also a strong advocate for fiscal accountability and if given the opportunity to be your Councilor, I will do my very best to ensure City Hall is fiscally responsible.

TOGETHER, we can make Ward 7 as the best place to Live, Work and Play.

Sincerly, Maqbool Walji


  • "I asked Maqbool to up as many signs as he wanted after hearing his thoughts on how to solve the affordable housing issues."
    Jose K

  • "A down to earth person. Finally a councillor that is going to be approachable."
    Linda J.

  • "Fair taxes, crime reduction and affordable housing. All issues that are very much a concern to me."
    Anthony W.

  • "Maqbool Walji is the best  person to run for a councillor in Ward 7 Mississauga. Hope he wins!"
    Rebecca T.

  • "I and my 2 sons voted for Maqbool Walji."
    Angela M.

  • "Really respect Maqbool for his honesty.  Ward 7 has a bright future with Maqbool as the new councillor."
    Julia D.

  • "Really respect Maqbool for his honesty.  Ward 7 has a bright future with Maqbool as the new councillor."
    Robert K.

  • "Maqbool is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed for the Councillor position. I believe Maqbool Walji is the person best qualified to be our next city councillor for Ward 7."
    Larry J.

Support & Volunteer

Work closely with all service providers Police, EMS, School Trustees, Seniors and Youth organizations Faith Leaders, Developers, Business owners and many more.
Support fellow councillors and Mayor in decision making for betterment of community and the city
together we can improve city services without increasing Taxes

Show your support by volunteering, requesting a lawn sign, & donating